It is a kind of representative synthetic auxin, which is a type of analogue of auxin, referred to as 2,4-D. It showes a high activity in the conventional quantitative method of auxin, but the effect was quite weak in the oat elongation test using the auxin standard quantitative method.


It is a kind of monochloro derivative of phenol with a formula of ClC6H4OH and with three isomers as o-chlorophenol, m-chlorophenol, and p-chlorophenol. The o-chlorophenol is a kind of colorless liquid with the melting point


It is applied to prevent and control the cotton bollworm, cotton aphid, red bollworm, chilo suppressalis, tryporyza incertulas, rice leaf roller, leek maggot, etc. Instructions

Pesticide Reagents

Efficient and low toxicity organophosphate pesticides to contact and stomach poison-based, no inhalation effect, broad spectrum insecticide, down strong, the Lepidoptera larvae is very effective

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